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What is mean by Waterproofing ?

Waterproofing is the combination of materials or systems that prevents water intrusion into structural elements of a building. Water is the most destructive weathering element of concrete, masonry and natural stone structures. Water continues to damage or completely destroy buildings. Water & moisture infiltration is also responsible for mold formation and the related health issues of building occupants.

Is your House Waterproof ?

If No:
•Corrosion of metals such as steel reinforcement in concrete, lintels, metal door frames etc.
•Rotting of timber structure and finishes such as floor joint, beam, skirting and frames.
•Swelling of plasterboards and the subsequent debonding of ceramic tiles.
•Electrical hazards causing the possible short circuit of lighting.
•The blistering and peel off paint film.
•Unsightly deterioration of the building façade.
•Health problems due to dampness, which may lead to respiratory problems.

If Yes:
•Increased property value.
•Structurally sound foundation.
•A healthier home environment for your family.
•A warmer basement during winter.
•Enjoy an increased living space.
•A more attractive and more comfortable home.

We Use Following Systems for Waterproofing:

•Polymer Coating System / Mastic waterproofing
•Crystalline Waterproofing.
•Elastomeric Coating System.
•Water Repellent Coating.
•Bitumen Membrane System.
•Pressure Grouting System.
•Box Type Waterproofing.
•Brickbat Waterproofing.


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